Sell digital content in one click.

You can sell your digital content with our simple system, use marketing features, customize your selling pages and watch statistics. We support the most popular cloud services!

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Selling models is just for you.

If you don't know the price of your file, you can sell with our selling models: donations model, crowdfunding, "share and get the file" and a lot more.

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How it works?

  • Sign in the System

    Sign in using your cloud service account or email.

  • Set price for file

    Choose the file, set the price, select selling model and you are ready to go.

  • Sell and earn money

    Share the link, use marketing tools, watch statistics and customize selling pages.

Why use Salekit?

  • Beautiful, simple and clear interface

    We have really simple interface and you can easily find what you need. We also give you wide choice of templates, which you can use for your selling pages.

  • Small commission

    Other services take huge fees and we know that you want to get more money from selling products, so we take only 5% from each transaction.

  • Selling models

    You can sell digital content with the fixed price, unless you don't know the actual price. We offer donations model, crowdfunding, "share and get the file" and a lot more.

  • Statistics

    You can see all information about your selling process. For example, you can see all about people, who buy your content, your revenue per day and charts.

  • Customizing pages

    We have customization features for selling pages, with these settings you can change colors on the page, logo, layout and also you can add some html or java script code.

  • Mobile Applications

    We will have native mobile applications (iOS and Android) for sellers, who want to watch statistics, to manage their account and add files for selling.

About us

  • How can I get in touch?

    You can email us at,
    call us at +38 (095) 609-99-82, or say hi
    on Twitter and Facebook.

  • What's different about Salekit?

    We know all about selling and promoting digital content in the internet and we can help you with it. We offer you service for complete selling process. Selling is not just put on storage and get the link for page. It is promotion tools, which helps you to promote your product to people. It is really easy to get new clients. Customizing gives you ability to edit logo, colors of the page and other things.